Would you like to share Celestial Communication?

This is for you whether you are a teacher of Kundalini Yoga or other form of yoga, a children’s teacher, a Sound Healer, a therapist or coach, or someone who supports others to heal and grow. You do not have to want to teach Celestial Communication in a formal capacity to participate in this workshop. A willingness to share the practice is all that is required.

Learn how to:

  • Select your own music

    Choose songs that fit the style of Celestial Communication you want to share.

  • Sequence your class

    Plan the timing of your Celestial Communication, either as a stand-alone practice or as part of a larger class or workshop.

  • Find ways to share

    Creatively share the practice ~ from classes, to workshops, to ceremonies that you create.

  • Build your confidence

    Prepare to teach with confidence, agility, and grace.

What participants are saying...

Linh James

“Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher; you have been such an inspiration in my life. I love teaching Celestial Communication ~ every new one I create I feel you sitting with me guiding me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Pamela Jones

“I am feeling so much creativity about incorporating this practice both into my own life and potentially into any teaching that I might do. It's good for me to think about how my own languaging about it can feel natural as well as how to create a space that invites others to engage in ways that feel comfortable to them.”

Alison McCabe

"Adarsh has awoken some beautiful things in me...firstly Grace in the body. I used to feel I was rather clumpy, but not anymore. Also it took about a year but I opened to the purity, virtue and humbleness that Adarsh expresses just so naturally. I realised I have that too if I can open myself to experience it and drop the bad girl defences I've used since I was a young child. This is a priceless gift, somebody who in such a quiet way helped me find my way home to the goodness of me, the goodness I know to be at the core of every human being."

Yael Sunshine

"I have to tell you how grateful I am for the beautiful time spent learning Celestial Communication with you. I am now using very simple movements with special needs clients and just created my first CC to use in a regular Kundalini class. Thank you for the inspiration and education!!"

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Your Guide & Facilitator

Adarsh Kaur

Adarsh’s first loves were music and dance, which she studied from the age of three. These were her most original expressions of the divine, of creativity and a way to connect to the soul. In 1999, she expanded into a dedicated study of yoga, meditation, human consciousness and healing. Adarsh soon became a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a creator and teacher of Celestial Communication, for which she is most known. She shares these practices with an emphasis on self-love, receptivity and grace, in her hometown of Los Angeles and internationally.